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Key Skills

Have a look at our updated Writing Key Skills! They are set out in Year Groups so that you can clearly see the National Curriculum’s age-related expectations.

Writing Key Skills – Year 3 (2018/19)

Writing Key Skills – Year 4 (2018/19)

Writing Key Skills – Year 5 (2018/19)

Writing Key Skills – Year 6 (2018/19)

Glossary of English terms from the Department for Education

English Glossary

Talk for Writing

Throughout Shelton Junior School, we use the ‘Talk for Writing’ method of teaching English (Pie Corbett). This is carried out in three stages- IMITATION, INNOVATION, INDEPENDENT APPLICATION (or INVENTION). During imitation, children explore a model text in detail: identifying its underlying patterns and structure: analysing the text as a reader and as a writer; and creating a ‘Writer’s Toolkit’. As part of the innovation stage, children adapt the model text, practising the skills and techniques they spotted and discussed during the first stage. In the last stage, pupils apply the skills they have learned throughout the unit, by writing an independent ‘invention’. The focus is on producing engaging, high-quality pieces of extended writing for a range of audiences and purposes.

Whole School Overview 2018-19


Each week, children are taught a spelling pattern, based on the National Curriculum spellings for Years 3-6. Pupils are expected to practise their spellings on a daily basis, and are tested on them at the end of the week.

Spelling Support for Parents

National Curriculum Spellings

English Appendix