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Year 6 Toyota Trip

On Wednesday 28th September, some of our Year 6 children were lucky enough to visit Toyota Manufacturing for the day.

When we arrived, we had a ‘tour’ of Toyota through their scale model and watched a video about the car manufacturing process. 

The room we carried out the rest of our activities in was amazing! The blinds were powered with an iPad! We also had a drink and a delicious cookie before the hard work began. 

To begin with, we took part in a ‘daruma’ opening ceremony – a Japanese tradition. We found out all about other Japanese traditions and how Toyota was founded.

Then, the fun really began! We made our very own Lego car manufacturing lines. We beat our previous times by using ‘Kaizen’ – working smarter not harder. 

In the afternoon, we took part in some other challenges to improve our time management and manufacturing skills. We had an important safety briefing first though!

We ended the day with our ‘daruma’ closing ceremony and prize-giving: our winners of the car design challenge received a book voucher each and we were presented with some educational Lego. A great day of learning was had by all!